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TUNGUS modules are exported worldwide by the manufacturer and installed by authorized dealers in various facilities. Major applications are found in government or privately owned/managed industrial and commercial enterprises in metallurgical industry, oil, mining, coal, nuclear, chemical, power industries, Russian Railways” OJSC, objects of Ministry of Defense, subways, shopping centers, education objects, health facilities, theatres, museums, offices for fire protection of:





* Cable channels, commutators, electrical constructions and shafts

* Transformer and electrical distributive substations

* Diesel power stations, diesel generators

* Power workshops, electrical panels

* Oil-loading racks, oil and gas-filling stations;

* Oil and gas condensate fields;

* Oil tank trucks stopping places

* Oil basements and  lubricants storages;

* Sheet mill workshops;

* Hydraulic stations of steel plants;




* Engine rooms;

* Car repair shops;

* Painting and varnish chambers, drying rooms;

* Woodworking workshops

* Highly inflammable liquids and lubricants storages,

* Paints and varnishes, alcohol-containing materials,

* Oil products and diesel fuel,

* Chemical reagents,

* Equipment and valuable property,

* Transshipment units and conveyors

* Warehouses with racks height more than 5.5 m 








Hydro power plants and coal power plants:


Ø in Russia

· Boguchanskaya hydro power plant

· Kaliningradskaya coal power plant


Ø in Kazakhstan

· Bukhtarminskaya hydro power plant,

· Ust-Kamenogorskaya coal power plant





Ø in China

· Power generation station of Ginza towers in Anshun, China

· Unicom in Shanghai, solar power station in Hubei, wind power station

· Distribution and transformer centers in World Financial Centre in Shanghai, Sichuan province, Shanxi province


Ø in Mongolia

· Iron-ore processing plant

· Boiler and mechanical rooms




Industrial enterprises:


Ø in Russia


· Norilsk nickel OJSC


Ø in Kazakhstan

· Kazakhmys corporation

· Casting and machine building plant





Ø in China

· Shipyards

· Coking plant


Ø in Mongolia

· Ore-processing plant in Erdenet




Nuclear industry

Mining and coal industry





Industrial enterprises in Europe:


Ø in Germany, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic

· HeidelbergCement

· Dyckerhoff cement

· Skoda Automobile

· Bombardier Transportation

· Claas self-propelled harvesters

· Hubert Schmid Recycling- & Umweltschutz

· Lobbe Entsorgung West

· Witternd Zement

· Holcim Zement

· Möning Spedition

· Kaspar Entsorgung

· Knierim Yachtbau 
























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