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TCB-10-1 Angle Base





Mounting bracket TCB-10-1 Angle Base can be used with all three types of base brackets:

1. TCB-30-1 for mounting of MPP 2.0 module

2. TCB-30-2 for mounting of MPP 2.7 and MPP 5.0 module

3. TCB-30-3 for mounting of MPP 4.0; MPP 6.0 and MPP 9.0 module


TCB-10-1 Angle Base bracket in combination with any of the three bracket above provides for installation on sloped surface for modules which generally can be installed vertically (MPP 4.0, MPP 6.0 and MPP 9.0) as well as for angled installation for modules which can be installed at any angle (MPP 2.0, MPP 2.7, MPP 5.0) for specific application where module must be aimed in certain direction under certain angle to properly cover the fire hazard spot.
















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