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TUNGUS MPP Modules, the powder-based modules, are capable of extinguishing the following classes of fires: Class A (solids), Class B (liquids & gases), Class C (electrical) and Class K (cooking oils & fats).

Stand-alone units - no connections and no batteries required

Modules in outdoor open areas or in enclosed indoor spaces do not require any conduits, plumbing, electrical connections or batteries and are completely stand-alone.

Wide range of operating temperature

Modules feature a wide thermal range, operating in temperatures from -60C up to +125C. As such, the system can be installed in extreme outdoor conditions. Performance will not be affected by extreme cold or heat.

No maintenance required

MPP Modules provide reliable and unsupervised automatic fire protection, maintenance-free for 12 years according to manufacturer specifications, (although regular visual inspections should be undertaken). Modules do not contain constant pressure.

Efficiency & reliability

Their unique design, high-pressure discharge patterns and fire extinguishing compound eliminate potential blind spots during extinguishing of fires in areas with challenging geometrical layouts. Modules extinguish fires at an early stage of fire origin without any requirements for an external power source in stand-alone and automatic self-triggering modes. A single MPP TUNGUS module is capable of extinguishing fires in areas of up to 860 ft; in structures with a volume of up to 8,830 ft; from a vertical distance of up to 50 ft; and at a horizontal distance of up to 105 ft.


Modules are stand-alone, activated by electrical impulse (whether manually or automatically) and the firefighting powder discharge is released in less than 1 second. Total time from fire detection to fire extinguishing takes as little as 15 seconds.

High effective design

Achieved by implementing Space industry research and development in the design and manufacturing of all TUNGUS modules.

Cost effective

Modules are reusable and can be easily reloaded by authorized, trained & equipped facilities, using the original reloading kits supplied by the manufacturer. Overall lower cost is achieved through unique and simple construction designs that do not require any conduits, plumbing or electrical connections. Significant additional savings are achieved because of simple and easy installation and low maintenance, testing and inspection requirements, especially in comparison to conventional sprinkler systems.


The absence of pressure inside the module casing during installation, operation and monitoring assures greater safety. The discharge powder ISTO-1 is eco-friendly and, in comparison to conventional water sprinkler systems, creates little or no damage to surrounding objects, structures, inventory, building air quality, and environment. The module discharge clean up generally requires simple vacuuming, without the requirement for clean up and disposal being conducted by certified or specialized parties.

Wide field of application

Offers various fire protection options for a variety of objects and areas in all climate zones and environments.












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