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MPP 4.0 Slide-in Kit





MPP 4.0 (N) Inside-Ceiling Slide-in Kit contains TUNGUS MPP 2.0 (N) module already pre-wired with USP-101 72C and attached to the special bracket which can be easily fitted and fasten between standardly spaced joists at 16.

Hardware required for fastening of the bracket to the joist is included. White plastic screw head plugs are included to hide the inserted screws. Bottom plate of the bracket is painted white to match most of the ceilings. However, it can be re-painted to any colour as long as the tip of the heat detecting/triggering sensor is not painted. The discharge nozzle is sealed with cover to prevent foreing object entering the nozzle.

MPP 4.0 (N) Inside-Ceiling Slide-in Kit is designed for hidden installation in order to protect kitchen stove, kitchen counter, fireplace or wooden stove in living room, bedroom, laundry room, finished basement with suspended ceilings, etc. Simply in any place where the fire protection system should not be visibly installed on the ceiling.

MPP 4.0 (N) Inside-Ceiling Slide-in Kit has capacity to protect the entire room with square footage of up to 430 ft2. In such case it must be installed iinside the ceiling in the centre of the room.

































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