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MPP 0.65 Kit





Do-It-Yourself Installation Kit MPP 0.65 - Powder contains TUNGUS MPP 0.65 module pre-wired with USP-101 triggering sensor and hardware required for the module and triggering sensor installation.

TUNGUS MPP 0.65 module can be installed vertically, horizontally or in any angled position as may be required by the application.

MPP 0.65 module’s desing includes mounting bracket. If different type of mounting bracket is required for specific installation, it has to be custome made.

MPP 0.65 module has capacity to protect the area with square footage of up to 13 ft2 and 85 ft3. For best result protecting the actual fire hazard spot the module should be installed right above the fire hazard spot or angled directly towards the fire hazard spot.














MPP 0.65 Kit Package


















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