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MPP 5.0 R - Ready-to-use Kit





Ready-To-Use Kit MPP 5.0 R - Powder contains single TUNGUS MPP 5.0 R Hand-propelled module with its own built-in manual trigger.

TUNGUS MPP 5.0 R (“Grenade”) can be used for extinguishing fires on larger scale in open spaces - fuel spill fires, grass fires, etc. or in enclosed spaces - room fires.

If fire is detected, the module should be activated by pulling out the safety pin and for best results should be thrown in the centre of the fire as much as possible.

Time delay between activation and discharge is approximately 5-8 seconds.

MPP 5.0 R has capacity to protect the entire room with square footage of up to 840 ft2 and 3,531 ft3.
















MPP 5.0 R Kit Package


















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