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TUNGUS Fire Extinguishing Systems - Modules Principle of Operation




















MPP modules consist of a modules casing (1) which houses the fire extinguishing powder (2), Cold Gas Source - CGS (3), and an electrical triggering element (4). Front side of the casing features the diffuser and discharge nozzle (5), sealed by the membrane (6). A grounding clamp is mounted on the side of the module. The MPP casing is fitted with a bracket to enable easy installation to the mounting surface (wall, ceiling, floor, etc.). 


The MPP is activated by a low voltage signal generated by one or more of the following:


signalling and triggering device with no battery (USP-101)

signalling and triggering device using a battery (USPAA-1 v2 / v4)

fire alarm panel and any other compatible triggering device

manual start button


The triggering device reacts to an increase in the surrounding temperature, which can be set, according to the requirements of the application, at 45C, 72C, 93C or 110C. After the electrical signal from the triggering device is received by the activating unit (4), the CGS (3) chemical reaction generates high pressure inert gas inside the module, (350psi), which ruptures the sealing membrane (6) and discharges the fire extinguishing powder (2) through the discharge nozzle (5) into the protected area.










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