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Fire Extinguishing Powder “ISTO-1” Performance




















Ψ The powder targets heat at the base of the fire, eliminating the heat element from the combustion process.


Ψ When the threshold temperature is achieved, the powder's molecules begin to break, forming inert gases (non-flammable) and free radicals eliminating the oxygen.


Ψ The discharge thrust of the inert gas exiting the module replaces the oxygen at the base of the fire and cuts off the flame from the burning material, its fuel source.


Ψ When the powder blankets the burning object, it creates a thin film covering it. This thin film consists of powder particles which are fused together thereby preventing oxygen from reaching the burning object.


As such, fire extinguishing powder “ISTO-1” affects all three elements of the combustion triangle, "Oxygen-Heat-Fuel".










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