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Each Do-It-Yourself Installation Kit contains different size of single TUNGUS MPP module already pre-wired with USP-101 72C triggering sensor and hardware for the triggering sensor installation.

Size of the TUNGUS module should be carefully determined based on the modules coverage capability and proper assessment of the fire hazard potential size and intensity.

Do-It-Yourself installation requires additional mounting bracket(s) based on type of installation and type of TUNGUS module. More detailed information can be found in section Individual Mounting Brackets

TUNGUS Fire Protection DYI Kits come with pre-wired USP-101 heat detecting and triggering sensor which is pre-set to threshold temperature of 72C. Each particular application may require different treshold temperature to activate the TUNGUS module. Available temperature levels are 45C, 72C, 93C and 110C. Contact TUNGUS technical department for further advice on recommended temperature settings for USP-101.









MPP 0.65 Kit

MPP 2.0 Kit

MPP 2.7 Kit

MPP 4.0 Kit

MPP 5.0 Kit

MPP 5.0 R Kit

MPP 6.0 Kit
















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